Sketch My Holiday is an online travel agency that creates customized packages for the UK-Based client for the Indian tour. We aim to uncover cultural complexities and connections across a wide range of subject areas and themes including art, architecture, spirituality, history, music, regional culture, diversity in flora and fauna, land experience, etc. We aim to create a travel experience that our clients always dreamed of, which is why we go through a systematic process to know our clients' preference, interest, and requirements. Based on that evaluation numerous options are presented that suits clients' interest, budget, and request. With transparency and huge multi-facility system, we give our clients the best trips of their life. They experience the land's beauty that others lack to provide.

We work closely with the hotels and agents we use to ensure that facilities, cleanliness and comfort levels are up to expected standards with uncompromised safety and comfort. We promise to create a travel experience that your soul seeks for so that you don't regret money or time wastage.

Our Masterpiece-

We use technology to enrich the travel experience.

For the best travel experience, we provide a detailed itinerary in a graphical illustration which creates a whole new experience of exploring the place with information and knowledge in an appealing and exciting form.

At the end of the trip, Sketch My Holiday gifts a video to its clients that would be designed and created by collecting their pictures throughout the journey which will remain as a remembrance of the laughter they had during the course.


Vision- To become people’s brand of trust for traveling.
Mission- our only motto is to give a hike to every traveller’s dream. To assist in gaining the desired experience.

What Speciality in our agency...

• Packages- The packages are customized and are theme-based, contains lots of options for solo travelers, group, family and even theme-oriented travel such as spiritual, adventure, wildlife, etc. so can you spot the difference? i guess no... our theme-based packages are made according to the days you have, the preference you have and the budget you have. We have everything you want from your trip. Be it the love for nature or season or just a few festivals, we have everything for your thrust traveler mood.

• Uncompromised safety and comfort- We are not offering it, we are providing it. We take our clients as our responsibility so it gets our duty to give safety and comfort(it's not like we will let our clients get stuck in the wrong weather or something).

• Accommodations- Proper guides and local guide are made available for the comfort and other benefits are included as well.

• Transparency- Everything related to the trip, budget, and expense are informed on prior notice so no one can corn you with corruption.


MEMORY CLIP- To make every trip a memorable one we have chosen to gift our traveler the ultimate travel diary.
It is an online-based service where they upload travel pictures and at the end, with all the collected data we create a mesmerizing video to cherish their love and journey throughout the trip.

Guidance- To enrich the travel experience we provide our travel buddies a packet/kit in which they find information about the locations and monuments in video form, just to add taste in traveling.

EARNING AND SAVING- For a committed travel bond as a gift, we add points and bonus in clients' wallet which can be used in the form of cash for future traveling or the amount can also be debited from the bank account directly.

Package- our full range theme package covers wildlife, adventure, spiritual, historical with lavish trips like cruise, honeymoon, and family.
we have customized theses to give you the best experience of India's weather and festival, followed by specialty of each state.

Security and Safety- Loaded with every information, clients are given prior guidance, travel assistance, local guides, and information with every small detail like food, weather, locality just to make sure that clients know what they are dealing with.

EXPERIENCE- You can trust us with this....



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